Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Camberwell Sunday Market

Ahoy! So I thought I'd show you something I find fun about Melbourne…the markets!! If you're already from Australia this is probably not as exciting for you as it is for me. But in England our markets aint nufffffffin like the ones ya got here. I have been to a few really great ones but today Imma show my trip to my local market in Camberwell (it's on every sunday from 7am-1pm) :) 

 This is the market looking like a haphazard ball of colour, but really its so joyous to wander around-full of clothes, second hand or newly made small brands, plants, books, furniture…the list is endless. 

So I found this really beautiful stall full of my favourite things evvvver..CACTUSSSSS (or is it cacti? or cactus's?!?!) whom knows. Feel free to correct me. But yeah this woman makes little scenes. And let me tell you if i were small enough id blaaady live in them. 
Next stop was this GLORIOUS brand (fussy me apparel)… all cotton cute simple dresses, skirts, shorts and the likes. SO my style i was loving it. I even stripped off in front of the whole of the market to try a piece on.. a sight for sore eyes on an early sunday morning i tell ya. 
 I haaaad to purchase this grey dress (which is now kindly up on their instagram hehee): 

You can find them at FUSSY MEEEEE (CLICK HERE)
love & prosperity sistaa's

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  1. Hello!

    I'm the chick who makes the cactus terrariums! Thank you so much for your lovely write up! My brand is called KAKTOS. Find me on Instagram kaktos_ or online at kaktos.com.au



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