Friday, 24 January 2014

Smokey Eyes & Eyelashes

Hi Hi Hi.
So currently I'm absolutely dying in the sweltering 43 degree fire ball that is Melbourne. So what is one to do- But try out their new lashes from winkandkiss I'm not gonna lie to ya I have not found fake eyelashes appealing and being told that the 100% real (but sterilised) hair of another human is not hugely enticing. In the past eyelashes have weighed my weak eyelids down, making me feel sleepy. BUT ALAS these actually where so light, within circaaaa 10 mins I was unaware of my extra 100% real other persons eyelashes.

Obvs until I sauntered past a mirror and batted those long luscious lashes at myself ;)
 So thankyou wink and kiss & definitely if you've never worn them before get these puppiessss.

latreezzzzz. I shall now go and throw an iced bucket of water over my self. 

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