Sunday, 26 January 2014

Short Hair. Don't Care.


So two days ago I cut all my hair off :) This isn't the first time Ive done this so when people say 'OHMAGAHD THAT WAS SO BRAVE' I lap up the attention of bravery, but really I feel I'm conning them…I have experienced such gallant bravery before but shh they need not know. 

I was constantly mocked at school for having short hair & not being a busty massive back-comb haired babe, and was called a lesbian on countless occasions. I can tell you I am not a lesbian, if I was I would whole heartedly shout it from the roof tops but alas I'd rather not be told I'm something I'm not due to a hair style. BUT blaise is back with renewed WHO CARES attitude & thus the HURR DID IS DONE. aka I CUT MY HAIR. 

Here are some absolute babes that also have short hair:

See yaaa :) 

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  1. Girls rocking short hair is sooooo chic!! By the way, I’m doing one of my biggest GIVEAWAYS, it’s an women’s oversize ACNE JUMPER from FW13 (size medium)! Worldwide shipping! Check it out, guaranteed no other blogger’s done this!!


  2. You look amazing! I love it xx

  3. Hey :) found your blog and recognise you from uni, I'm on my year abroad too at the moment. Looks like you're having an amazing time, I'm so so jealous of the heat!
    Hair looks great, I had 8 inches off in June and now I want to go shorter :)
    Lucy x
    La Lingua : Food + Life in Milano


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