Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Pleated Skirts.

Gahd how I wish I was forever more either a school girl or a tennis player. This would allow me to wear such glorious skirts for a reason. I have looooved this style for ages now & i thought I would share with you some cute pleated skirts I have found as inspiration:

Zara got da goodies:
 Song of style blogger knows it:
 J.w Anderson MMMM:
 Not sure of this one, but its's cute nonetheless:
 American Apparel (imma get myself the peach coloured one OFFFFFF):
& I think this is Zara:

These are the cutest..Are ya with me!!? 

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  1. Love this trend.. Cracked it out here for the big 21 didn't I! Hope Auz is amazing. X


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