Friday, 31 January 2014

Melbourne Houses & Street Photography.

This post I wanna show you some cool places I've seen on my various exploratory walks around Melbourne. I think the houses here are so friggggin cool/cute/interesting/different. Like the street I live on all the houses are slightly different & upon babysitting multiple families I have found lots of them have done a GRAND DESIGN ON YO ASS. and glass walled the back. Double heightened the ceilings and pooled the garden. and ho ho ho I ENJOYED. 

Okay this first one isn't a house.  BUT its a street…just on Degraves St in Melbourne CBD and its worth a mention:
 Car down the road. Cute puppy sir. 
 A block of flats where I go swimming (i think its kinda cool):
The best house on my street in my opinion:

How cool is this!!! Saw this in Kew:
 I like this. This was in St Kilda:

 Where I LIVEEEE :) :
Hope you enjoyed that little piece of homely fun

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  1. cute houses, there are some like that where i live in essendon but many of them have been torn down and replaced by McMansions which look pretty fugly and don't really have the same character in my opinion

    1. I so agreee :) I love love love melbourne houses and when they keep knocking them down for the 'modern' new houses I aint a fan no sir. x

  2. All the places look lovely and the weather too!

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