Thursday, 31 July 2014

Infused Ice Cubes

The perfect addition to cool your drinks with styllleee & a hint of flavour. 
So I'd seen lots of cucumber infused water, then thought bam lets cucumber infuse my ice cubes :) 
So simple all you need is:
-(Also a fridge)

Chop ya bitz & Arrange in a suitable fashion for aesthetic reasons. Freeze & you're good to go!! 

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Saturday, 28 June 2014

You shall go to the Hermes Ball...

After Susie Bubble gave me the chance to enter her competition to win two invites to the Hermes silk ball and I managed to achieve the goal. I recieved possibly the most beautiful piece of post I have ever recieved. Which was a good indication of the night ahead. 

After spending a year in a long distance relationship (melbourne to shanghai) with my boyfriend, it was inevitable he would be my dateeee. Unfortunately we pulled 'funny' (slash rather hideous) faces & so I've strategically cropped our faces out. My dress is a Balinese number & my shoes are from Mango.
The ball itself was held in Camden's Koko, which was TRANSFORMMMMED. To enter, we were led through a tunnel lined with hermes silk scarfs and greeted by beautiful staff in some incredible head pieces and masks, including this women who sported a hefty bird cage atop her head the whole night. 

The dress code was simply 'metamorphose into beauty or beast with masks and fantical make-up'. This inevetibaly led people to question their choices, but with the attendees being a mixed group of bloggers, artists, competition winners and fashion lovers; no one failed to look boring. I wore an egyptian head piece I aquired actually in Eqypt and spent the night pretending the beads were long glorious locks of hair ;)

I cannot forget to mention the incredible spread of food that was offered. Additional extras that Hermes provided, included transfer tattoos, an array of macaroons, mousses, chocolates, mini burgers and fruit platters aswell as a well choreographed dance routine that all on the dance floor learnt and performed in their fancy attire. 

 All in all. The night was a success. A fun filled night, with every effort taken to make the night so gloriousss. Thankyou Hermes. 


Saturday, 24 May 2014

Good Morning Vietnam

Okay so you're reading my blog, but now you're reading my real diary:
Teehee. No quite the full extent of what I write in there, but I have a love for drawing maps of where I'm going. I'm so bad with spacial awareness that I think this helps me. Or maybe its just an excuse to get my faber castells (colouring pencils for those of you who are totes out the loop here) out. The reason I post this is it very clearly shows my journey throughout vietnam, including a two day motorbike trip I went on from Dalat to Nah Trang. 

The trip started in Ho Chi Minh city, which was my favourite place of all the places we visited. Its buzzing and crazily busy with Hondas (what the vietnamese call we english call vacuum cleaners, hoovers, because of the popularity!!). The food here was to die for & the war museum was so shocking but so so interesting & I'd definitely reccomend going (but the images aint for the faint hearted). 

The Mekong Delta was also another of my favourite excursions, where food and other provisions are sold at floating markets & I learnt a crucial lesson in making vietnamese spring rolls. 

After 4 days here we flew to Dalat to embark on a 2 day motorbike trip going all day through the heat, which was a challenge but the views and our stop offs where well well well worth it!!! The best way to see the country off the beaten track. We saw elephants, villages, forests, silk factorys, brick factory (which sounds completly uninteresting but this actually stuck with me; the hard work the workers did & for such little pay, made me feel very appreciative).

Our motorbike trip ended in Nah Trang, where we evacuated ASAP the next morning after a days rest. Nah Trang is basically a Russian Benidorm, I shant say more. From Nah Trang we swiftly headed to Hoi Ann, a cute, pretty place where floating candels are the rage & this is the place you get clothes made, visit the markets & row down the river with the locals:

Hoi Ann was a relaxing little escape before we visited Vietnams busy Hanoi. 

From here, the obvious final stop was Halong Bay. Now this everyone says is a must go to. I say no. incorrect. Its pretty. But not so pretty with endless boats of other tourists. Not having it. Completly spoiled by the endless other visitors and huge boats doing the exact same route day in day out. The views where spectacular but just not as I was expecting, however, a night on a boat was fun! 

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Next Stop New Zealand

I feel like New Zealand is totally under rated and I, Blaise Ruby, am here to bump that rating right up. I am New Zealands promotion team right here. It is so beautiful, its almost laughable; around every bend, over every hill there is yet another unbelievable scene. 

I was travelling again with my trusty father. Which some may find unbearable, but alas, I found my father highly tolerable for pretty much the whole trip which was rather fortuitous as we spent hours alone driving around New Zealand countryside which goes on for hours and hours. 

Our first stop was breakfast in Christchurch, which was so delicious. The only odd thing was Christchurch itsself, having suffered from a maaahooosive earthquake a few years ago. The town is still such a mess and actually seems really sad! businesses and peoples families just gone like that. BUT, where there is a will there's a way and this inventive idea of creating a quick solution was to put the cafes and shops back into containers for the time being. This actually worked amazingly & has become a bit of an attraction!! 

Hamner springs was the next stop for the day, with the most glorious hotsprings a girl could wish for! Please ignore my dad looking like a weirdo:

We headed on our drive, towards queenstown, stopping off for a few days at a time in differnet places like foxes glacier and Wanaka, where i took this cracking shot. The cracking nature of the picture was in no way due to any photographic talent here, just sheer natural beauty: Wanaka Lake:
Queenstown was fantastic, with endless outdoors activities I participate in (cycling, boat rides, walks). Alongside amazing food. This was from a great restaurant called pier 9 for those who'd like to know:

From Queenstown you HAVE to go to Milford Sound & the best method is to take a teeeny tiny little plane across, rather than a boring 5 hour bus ride. Nooo thankyou. You travel over THE bluest water ever and the view are incredible:

Our last stop of the 2 week tour of South Island New Zealand was Mount Cook Glacier. Where a helicopter zoomed us to the top of the glacier. Plonked us down (unsucessfully at first i may add, we slipped down & a second landing was attempted) & we explored the glacier from the top !! 

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014


So as I reached my limit with Melbournes' heatwave, it was time for me to head onwards for my travels. I met my daddyio, one of the many family members I hadnt seen for 11 months and headed to Sydney, for my second stay!! 

If any of you are at all aware of tumblr there is no way you cannot be aware of the bondi iceberg pool. I think its utterly beauuuutiful & regardless of how many photos i can look at only, I wanted to take my own (see below). I not only wanted to take a photo but as a swimming fanatic I took to that icey water like a little piglet to mud. Swam my lengths & then bathed in sweet glory that I had completed one of my life goals.

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Monday, 19 May 2014

Bye Melbourne. Eureka Tower.

So as my year abroad in Melbourne ends, I spent my last evening up the Eurkea tower; the highest viewing tower in da southern hemisphereeee. I got the tickets for my birthday last August & in true Melbourne style the weather had always been chopping and changing but saving the tickets for a glorious day & just so luckily my final days in Melbourne was glorious. Here I will kindly share some of our ridiculous photos from the top. :

My Outfit:
White Jumper- Topshop
Shorts- Urban Outfitters
Bag- Prada
Shoes- Jo Mercer (Australia)

If you visit Melbourne this is a definite must see. But after living in the city for a year made it even better, being able to pick out different suburbs, train stations in the distance, art galleries visited, lakes wandered around! Really was a glorious way to finish my year in Melbourne. 

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Monday, 17 March 2014

Dates & Anniversaries

So being that whilst my boyfriend (Brad) was in Melbourne our anniversary graced us with its sweet presence, we designated anniversary planning to moi & valentines to Brad. And becaaaause I went to school near oxford & we had planned to go punting, when the opportunity arose to go punting in the botanical gardens here in Melbourne I JUMPED at the chance. The company (Punt Tours) were so cuteeeee, all dressed in the old fashioned outfits, supplied me with my own parasol and gave us the (optional) talk about the botanical gardens. The tour takes half an hour & is reasonably cheap at $25 per person. A definite Do for a date. (or anniversary ;) ) Then afterwards a wander round the botanical gardens is required!

 Walking round the botanical gardens:

 & finally the finishing walk into the city :) 

For Dinner we headed to Coda on Flinders Lane for an absolutely amazing dinner to finish the night, which is a definite must-go-to restaurant:

-Playsuit-Kookai Au

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